In the Spring of 2010, an excited group of medical students joined forces with Splatter! Magazine, an undergraduate organization at Yale which has lead creative writing workshops in New Haven middle schools since 1989. Together, this ratatat crew established the first ever student-run art and literature workshop for inpatients at the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

Using a model developed by Dave Eggers's amazing foundation, we crafted age-appropriate prompts for pediatric patients ages 5 to 18. After our Friday afternoon workshop, the group worked furiously over the weekend to put the kids' creative efforts in print. The magazine was named 7-2 (after the wing of the hospital for children), published, and delivered to our young artists and their families on the following Monday. You can browse the actual magazine on your left by pressing the and buttons!

Currently, members of the magazine are developing a module that can be distributed to medical students around the country who are interested in establishing their own children's magazine. You can view the working module here.

Funding for the project was provided by Dr. Thomas Duffy and the Yale Council on the Medical Humanities & the Arts and by the Dwight Hall Center for Public Service and Social Justice. A generous discount in the printing of the original book was provided by New Haven's TYCO Copying and Printing. A thousand and one thanks to each one of our supporters!