IvyTicket is a dedicated collective
of individuals educated at
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT,
and the University of Oxford.


Among applicants with competitive test scores, it is a truly compelling personal statement  that wins candidates their offers of admission.
          IvyTicket editors & consultants ensure that your writing meets the highest caliber, positioning you to be accepted by the most selective universities and programs.

Admissions counseling

We conduct admissions counseling either by phone or Skype. Each session allows us to get to know you as an applicant and assess your readiness and overall objectives.

Application materials review

We review all of your application materials to determine what strengths, experiences, and achievements are best to feature—and elaborate on—in your essay.

Essay edit

The Essay Edit service is appropriate when applicants have a mature essay that only requires expert editorial oversight. We perfect grammar & diction, improve style, and make final suggestions to strengthen the quality of your writing.

Essay revision

Essay Revisions are appropriate for applicants who need help improving the flow and coherence of their personal statements. We re-structure the essay, provide strong transition statements, and develop the overall theme.

Essay re-write

The Essay Re-write service is needed when the applicant's essay requires significant or total revision. Applicants work closely with our consultants to develop the most compelling possible theme and to ensure English-perfect diction. Although we may revise the essay in its entirety, we remain true to the author's original voice.

Complete packages

For applicants seeking more complete or combination services, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Our Consultants

Peter Gayed

IvyTicket is the brainchild of Peter Gayed. Peter received his education from Yale, the University of Oxford, and the University of Illinois, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He is a published scientist and essayist, and served as the 2008 Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.
   He was contributing author and editor of the First Aid for the USMLE book series, and in his third year of medical school, he founded The YSM Wiki, a student-to-student guide book for Yale medical students.
   You can learn more about Peter by visiting his profile on LinkedIn.

Ali Batouli

Ali attended Stanford and the Yale School of Medicine. At Stanford, he received the Sterling Award for graduating in the top 1 percent of his class and won the Boothe Prize in Writing & Composition. He has conducted and published research in a variety of fields, including global health, surgical robotics, and radiation oncology. At Yale, he was policy editor for the Atrium Magazine and co-founded Bridge to Care, a medical student volunteer group providing community and government resources to homeless individuals living in New Haven.   You can learn more about Ali by visiting his profile on LinkedIn.

Rachel Fishkis

After scoring a near-perfect on her SAT, Rachel was admitted to Yale College, where she graduated with distinction and earned her degree in English Literature. She is a decorated educator currently teaching with Blue Engine in New York City.

Nupur Garg

Nupur Garg attended MIT and the Yale School of Medicine. She has won numerous awards and research grants for her work in medical technology, systems modeling, and student mentorship. She founded the Yale Innovators in Medicine coalition, and was a Connecticut Women of Innovation Award finalist. Nupur was also the technology consultant and lead technology columnist for the Atrium Magazine, an online health magazine founded at the Yale School of Medicine.
   You can learn more about Nupur by visiting her profile on LinkedIn.

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