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Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine → Now serving as editor-in-chief of this country's oldest student-run, faculty-guided and peer-reviewed quarterly. Submissions welcomed.
The Yale Med Review → A simple wiki where students can collect, comment on, and link to the most useful resources on the web. A more sophisticated rendition of this project is currently being developed by the Yale Medical Library.
The Literature and Medicine Initiative → During my final year at the University of Illinois, a small group of premed and non-premed follk met to talk about literature, meaning, pain, metaphor, and medicine. It still runs today and now offers creative writing workshops led by Illinois MFA students, poetry readings at a retirement home, and regular meetings with physicians at the College of Medicine. An original web design.
The Atrium Magazine → The next incarnation of Yale's health professional literary magazine, representing work from nursing, medical, public health, and physician associate students. An original web design.
The Tellides Laboratory → Website for the Tellides Laboratory. Designed, tweaked, and launched. Now go meet the lab rats. An original web design.
Funny Bones at Yale → Clowning group at Yale that visits an in-patient pediatric psych unit and the VA Hospital. Always looking for more clowns. Chapters in place at the Cornell Medical College, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and the University of Illinois. An original web design.
Yale Med Road Runners → Formerly the Medical Marathoners at Yale. A group of med students who run between 13.1 to 26.2 miles in their free time. An original web design.
Agonistai → An undergraduate journal of comparative literature at the University of Illinois. To be launched June 2009.
The Isis → Oxford University's longest-running, independent student magazine. Find news, reviews, and some of the most intolerable student journalists in Oxford today. Collaboratively designed for the web.

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