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pete's predictions
  1. Udacity will capture a sizeable share of the "matriculant market." Udacity has already created instruction (and an overall "education model") superior to most if not all traditional institutions. Once members of the public and media recognize that Udacity-trained learners are just as good if not better than traditional graduates (i.e., are at no disadvantage in the hiring process), the perceived "risk" associated with the nanodegree will fall and more indiviuals will choose Udacity over "college."
        Next steps: Learners, especially younger ones, will still crave the intense (and often productive) social experience typically associated with university. I expect Udacity will organize city-based "enclaves" or "meetups" so Udacity users can study, meet, socialize and learn together in person. [1 Nov 2017]


Introduction   Welcome to petergayed.com, the official web dwelling of Pete Gayed. Glad you could make it. Feel free to contact me at .
           I’m founder of IvyTicket and co-founder of NBME Answers & Explanations. I went to Yale for med school. Before med school, I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also spent some time at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis studying the telomerase enzyme. Between undergrad and med school, I spent a year at the University of Oxford, Hertford College.

Here are some things I’ve done:


Web design   I’ve been making websites since 2006. It's fun. Like wearing stretchy pants.

Some handmade websites of mine:


Written things   Over the years I’ve written things. You can find some of them here.


Lectures   During medical school, I was a lecturer for the USMLERx Express Series, where I delivered lectures covering the basic science topics of immunology, pharmacology & biochemistry. Students seemed to like them.





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